Rado - Integral Diamonds (S) R20613712

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Integral Diamonds

The iconic Integral has been redesigned to suit the needs and preferences of modern wearers, but the new models remain true to the original in look and feel. The first Rado to feature high-tech ceramic in 1986, it is an enduring piece that continues to delight its fans and attract new enthusiasts. Now with the added allure of diamonds.


R20613712 | 01.153.0613.3.071



Thickness: 6.5 mm

Water resistance: Water-resistant 5 bar (50 m)

Crystal: Sapphire crystal

Gender: Ladies

Shape: Square

Case color:  Dark



Dial: black

Jewels: 4 diamonds, 0.026 carat



Bracelet: High-tech ceramic Stainless steel / PVD

Bracelet reference: 07.05079


Movement: Quartz


Size: 22.7 x 33.1 mm


Precious stones: Yes


Total weight: 75 gram


Integral Diamonds

Famous for introducing high‑tech ceramic into watchmaking

First produced in 1986, the Rado Integral was the first Rado watch in high‑tech ceramic. A revolution in the watchmaking industry, it fuses the purity of graphic linearity with the finesse of high technology, seamlessly integrating a metallised sapphire crystal, case and bracelet within its parallel lines. Recently redesigned, the updated Integral collection remains true to the pioneering origina