Aqua Réotier Hydration Mask

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An ultra-hydrating mask made with mineral-rich Réotier water, hyaluronic acid and water-binding molecules, to intensely quench skin's thirst whenever your skin needs it most. Its frosted, non-oily texture wakes up your skin and helps to minimize pores' appearance. Skin feels recharged with moisture for a healthy-looking glow.

Ideal for:

  • moisturizing skin
  • all skin types - Even Combination skins

Application area:
1. Sleeping Mask: apply a thick layer avoiding the eye area and let it sink-in to work overnight. Wash it off by morning and proceed with your daily routine.

2. Moisture Shot: whenever your skin is thirsty, apply a generous layer on the face avoiding the eye area. Wipe off the excess with a wet cotton pad after 10 minutes. Hydrated, skin is ready for makeup.